March 26-27, 2011
Story & Photos by: Ricky Salvagin "JediMCor"


In a galaxy far, far north of my homeport, we realized there was a Star Wars Weekend at the Rochester, NY Strong Children Museum of Play. I rounded up my troopers and we headed up to it on Saturday. Upon arriving to their spaceport we found out the lot was full. So we knew this weekend was going to have a great turnout for fans young and old. I was checking the line to pay throughout the day and it didn't start dying out until after 3pm. There was a lot of Star Wars activities for the kids to do, also the museum has their own activities too. If your family likes butterflies, the museum has a great collection for you to see for extra cost. Fans alike get to meet the local 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. 

Fans waited in line to meet and take pictures of their favorite Star Wars characters inside the theatre. You could see the local R2-D2 Builder Club with different R2 units. Artist Katie Cook was there, giving out personalized Star Wars character pictures that she drew for the kids and had seminar throughout the day of how to draw a Star Wars character. Plus there were new and vintage Star Wars video games that the fans can play around the museum. Myself, I was able to play the old Atari Star Wars Empire Strike Back game. It brought back memories of when I was a teenager. So if anybody had a chance to come and see your favorite Star Wars character or just wanted to dress up as one. You would have a great time to meet or mingle with other fans. I can say, my two boys had a blast there. May the Force Be with You and United We Find!

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