December 21, 2006
Story by Chris Rhoads (dustrho)

Most of us have seen Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, right? You’ve probably seen it more than a dozen times I’m sure. If you have seen it then you’ll know who Jango Fett is, and how important his role was in the development of the Republic’s clone army and of course in the creation of his son Boba Fett. When it comes to building a Star Wars costume based on a single character, many costumers out there have chosen to do Boba Fett. He’s listed as the galaxy’s most well-known bounty hunter, the one who always catches his prey. Well, one lone person chose to create probably the best made Jango Fett costume, which could very well be better than what was used in the original film. That person’s name is Arturo Delgado.

Arturo Delgado is a member of the Midwest Garrison in the 501st Legion. His TK identification is TK-412. He specializes in Star Wars costuming, and is most famous for his Jango Fett costume. He has done other costumes based on Star Wars characters, but none have matched the level of detail and accuracy as his Jango Fett costume. If you have ever gone to a Wizard World Chicago event in recent years and saw Jango Fett walking around, then you saw Arturo as that would have been him in that outfit. From the gauntlets, to the jetpack, to the armor… Arturo is Jango Fett!

And with great pleasure I present to you this one-on-one interview with Arturo Delgado.



How long have you been a Star Wars fan?

As long as I can remember, the same cliché, but it’s so true. In 1977 when A New Hope came out, when we first caught a glimpse of the stormtroopers, R2-D2 and C3PO I was blown away! I always loved robots in general, but when I saw all three of those, my jaw dropped and I was hooked for life.

When did you acquire your first costume, and what was the first costume you owned?

Being a huge stormtrooper fan and a military fan, I always wanted to be a real soldier. A soldier to serve and protect, but I never joined the military. Back in 1994 I was looking through the Starlog magazine and there on one of the back pages was an advertisement for real stormtrooper armor. I was really excited to see that. Then a few months later I was a very happy 24 year old.

How did your Jango Fett costume come about? Did the fact that you resemble the actor who played Jango Fett, Temura Morrison, have a major role in you choosing to go with the Jango Fett outfit, and how did you react when you noticed how closely you look to him?

Before Attack of the Clones came out I always wanted to do a Boba Fett costume, but I never had chance to get it together. One day someone was selling their whole unfinished Boba Fett armor and I bought it. Later I started hearing rumors about some type of Mandolorian Boba Fett type character being in the film. Then I saw Jango Fett for the first time and I was blown away on how cool it looked. Then there were images of him with out the helmet and people telling me to do the armor. One day at Dragon Con my buddy Eric from New York totally hyped me up. He convinced me to start looking into building and wearing the costume.

Since joining the 501st Legion, what is your most memorable moment and why?

Honestly I don’t have just one memorable moment. Each time someone comes up to me with that sparkle in their eye, I have a renewed sense of why I do what I do. Those moments are unforgettable, because they take me back to the first time I saw Star Wars, and I was in complete awe. Could you imagine when we were young and seeing the characters that we always loved, in real life? I would’ve passed out!

What made you choose to go with sandtrooper armor instead of clean stormtrooper armor?

One thing I loved about the Star Wars universe is that it looked lived and used. So having a stormtrooper costume nice and clean didn’t work for me. I always though of a real soldier going out and about doing their duties would never looked clean.

What projects are you currently working on?

As far as costuming I’m working on Clonetrooper armor and finally after years and year of working on a Boba Fett costume, I’m going to complete it this coming year.

Have you ever been contacted by Lucasfilm to do any type of work for them, and if so what have they asked you to do?

Not necessary direct, but my 501st Midwest Garrison. We have helped promote some of their Lucas Film events.

Besides collecting Star Wars items and costuming, are there other talents you possess?

I’m a freelance Illustrator. I illustrate all sorts of work. Such as book covers, commission paintings, the whole illustrative spectrum. Lately I’ve been doing book covers for a company called Medallion press.

Aside from the costumes that you own, what is your most prized Star Wars collectible that you have in your collection?

I have to say my Attakus Jango Fett statue. It’s huge!

As you can clearly see, Arturo Delgado is one devoted person. He strives to make his Star Wars costumes as accurate as they can possibly be. I find it to be truly amazing that not only does his Jango Fett costume look like the real deal, but what’s underneath the helmet is what really makes the costume so incredibly unique. It’s truly a pleasure and an honor to be friends with Arturo, and it was a lot of fun going through this one-on-one process with him. Thanks Arturo!