Let me first introduce myself. My name is Chris Rhoads and I go by dustrho in the forums. I've been working here at since April 2004 and I hold the job titles of Webmaster and Forum Administrator. I love working here, mainly because the staff are the best guys around, but more importantly I love working here because of all the great friends I have made while being a part of

I have put together this small section on our website, where I will present to you articles about anything relating to the Star Wars universe. Whether that include anything relating to collecting habits and/or styles, successes/problems with local retailers, my opinion about a current event (of course relating to Star Wars), this new section will be where I will voice my thoughts and opinions.

Below are some articles that I have written, and they are listed in chronological order with the most recent ones at the top. If you would like to provide any feedback to these, feel free to send me an email at