What you're about to see is the ultimate G.I. Joe diorama. This is a highly detailed display of a Cobra Military base and Chemical Weapon Factory where Cobra's mind control gas and armor treatments are manufactured, with a G.I. Joe ship including a brig, control room, helicopter landing pad, S.A.M. missile launcher, and lighted interior. Custom made dock is next to the ship. Ship, and dock sit in a real water effect. Features a check point tower with helicopter pad, lighted gantry with three silos with wooden railing, and a large chemical tank. There is room here for at least a hundred figures and many vehicles as the pictures show. There are many accessories including barrels and barbed wire fence, and a night landing raft. A custom cobra gun rack, real siding, and utility shed are part of the main building. Wooden base approx. 48 3/4" long by 30" deep by 26" high, and can be viewed from all four sides. It weighs about 50 pounds. This is the ultimate Joe collectors' piece of fan art. A centerpiece for anyone’s collection, and an army builder's dream. It could also be used as a backdrop for figure animated films or a showcase for your whole collection. Lights require 8 C size batteries.

They manufacture the last ingredient Cobra needs for their mind control gas. General J's still in a coma because of that traitor Dusty. And Cobra could put half the country in a similar state if we let 'em get the chemicals they need for that mind control gas.

Cobra Commander
The Dylkon 98 is ours! Take off! Too late, fools! I think I like you, Dusty. You're my type of trooper, the type who can lead our attack against Leary Chemicals. We have the armor treatment, the mind control gas, and we've dealt our enemies a crushing blow! Cobra has prospered since you joined us, Dusty. Just remember, circumstances are NEVER in your favor if you are weak-willed namby-pamby SECOND GUESSERS! VICTORY belongs to those who have the courage to STRIKE hard and fast...and IGNORE the CASUALTIES!"

Well Commander, standard Joe operatin' procedure would be to hide near a potential target, maybe in those trees. We're nearing the chemical plant. Stand by for action.

May we suggest, Commander...

that you test the mind control gas...

Xamot and Tomax
on the Joes.

Cobra Commander
Yes. My gas will make them a zombie strike force, marching mindlessly to their deaths for Cobra. This is SWEET! Now I have all of my WORST ENEMIES in my power! I can make them all DIE! Who said, life is not FAIR?