Diorama concept and built by: Dan Eversdyk, Figures and story by: Raymond Candelaria

One of the most popular and important places of Coruscant was the Jedi Club Cantina. This club was visited by the Jedi looking for a place to relax and have fun. It was their favorite place indeed, the delicious dinners and famous wines came from all over the galaxy.
The Oslik brothers, Van and Dan, were the proud owners of the Cantina. When they realized that the Jedi visited the club very frequently they decided to name it the Jedi Club Cantina. Many stories were told but their favorite one was when the weapon detector alarm unit suddenly was activated, and all the Jedi took out their lightsabers displaying colors like no one had ever seen in the galaxy.
For a couple of minutes they thought it was an attack, but at the end it was a false alarm caused by a piece of metal thrown near the entrance door. The night most unforgettable was when they all gathered a month before the Clone Wars began. They celebrated that night like it was a very special holiday.

Dexter Jettster was invited by the Oslik brothers to prepare the most delicious dinner cooked in the club. All the Jedi were there, and Yoda had a special conversation with Yarael Poof in relation to the Jedi Council. Anakin observed the holographic figure of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Master Obi-Wan wanted to be excused for not being there that night when a special mission was given to him.

Saesee Tiin was checking the weapon detector alarm unit; this unit was acquired by the Oslik brothers to prevent the entry of any weapon to the Cantina. The only Lightsabers that were allowed into the club were the Sabers the unit was programmed to let in. In the bar, Van and Dan served the best wines ever tasted. Jedi drink in a moderate way, for it was forbidden to be drunk; they had a responsibility to the Jedi Council.
They had a lot to talk about: adventures, future plans, and especially about their home planets. The Dejarik Room, as the Jedi call it, was at the back of the Cantina near the kitchen. To enter the room one had to use a secret door. This door cannot be seen when it is closed and it looks like a wall without door. The room was used to play the Dejarik Game, a favorite between the Jedi. Even Piel and Aayla Secura are playing a close match in which the loser had to pay the next dinner.
Waitress WA-7 was asking Mace Windu and Adi Galia what they wanted to eat. Rumors floated around amongst the Jedi that there was a romance between them. They were seen together at the Cantina many times but no one could ever prove it. For the Jedi it was forbidden to be in love and when they were asked the reply was, "We are only good friends."
Luminara Unduli asked the singer to perform a song from her home planet to show how well she could dance. Her graceful dancing was a hidden ability of which no one knew. The Jedi enjoyed happiness, friendship, and, most importantly, brotherhood like never before. Who can imagine that a few months ahead the Jedis' destiny would change in a different way forever. However, the Coruscant Jedi Cantina Club was always waiting to welcome all the brave Jedi.