After my work on Mos Eisley, I decided to throw my hand at eBay auctions. I drew up rough sketches of what I had in mind about six months prior to the start of construction. My intention from the very beginning was to create a product to sell to a collector who had neither the time nor ability to build one himself. After Mos Eisley I felt I had a little experience and could do a great job.

I wanted some help with this project so I recruited local help, a friend by the name of Troy Koestler. We decided to build it mostly out of foam core. We had a couple of good reasons for going with this material such as:

  1. It is extremely easy to work with.

  2. It is extremely light in weight, a big factor come time to ship it to its new owner.

All of the rooms are custom painted. Many hours of detail were spent on small details, such as the pipe in the torture room and basement area. While again not looking for exact replication, I tried to stay on target for somewhat of a movie accuracy. Rooms like this one were only shown for a millisecond so who is to say what it looked like at different times throughout Star Wars history.

I also hand sculpted many of the statues and furnishings through the interior of the palace. There were many details added and places you didn't see in our interpretation of Jabba's Palace. Why limit the most ruthless of Gangsters to a mere few rooms?

This project threw up many challenges but in the end it was well worth the effort. All of the hand painted statues, pillows, and items like the fire pit really made the palace stand out. I ran lights throughout the entire diorama quite simply because I feel this is the best way to display this scene. However, I have yet to find one that didn't look better with the right interior illumination.

The end result was a success. "Dioramas by Us" sold our first diorama on E-bay and we got more than we could have possibly imagined. What is even more rewarding is that there is a collector in Florida who uses this as the centerpiece of his collection. The goal I set out to do was met. We hooked up a collector with a diorama who lacked the skills or time to build one, perhaps both. One thing was for sure, many more would come and this section will be the beneficiary of these efforts. Whether we keep them in our own collections, or sell them online, they will all be featured here at