November 17, 2007
Story & Photos by Daniel Eversdyk (Sandtrooper Dan)


Ben's House
Back from the depths of the abyss comes a Trooper with a vision of not only sugar plums this Holiday season but a vision brought to 3-D reality from nothing more then items found at your local Wal-Mart, and Hobby stores. Dense Styrofoam, model railroad lights, transformer to run the lights from your local Hobby store. Patching plaster, Foam core, Exacto blades, and paint from your local Wal-Mart. Now you do have to have some patients, and unfortunately you can't acquire that from the above mentioned stores but if you can manage to put all these ingredients together your diorama possibilities are endless.

This is my latest build which was inspired by an image drawn by Richard Chasemore for the "Inside The Worlds Of Star Wars Trilogy" book. I just loved the way Richard drew Ben's house in cut-out style which revealed more about Ben's bachelor pad then we ever knew before. Ben had a basement, who would have thought of it? I actually wrote the artist Richard Chasemore and asked how this basement idea came about and this is how he responded...

"I came up with the idea as in the some back stories Ben lives in a cave, Lucas films were not sure what to do so I came up with the thought well he found and started inhabiting a cave and over the years build a house on top! It was approved!"

I knew that if I could pull this diorama off it would be something special, so I implemented all my knowledge of all my past builds and a few new ideas and Ben's House was created. The construction was complicated and the details are endless but I'm really pleased with how this diorama turned out. The cut out style works very well to capture all parts of Ben's house, not just his living room, and definitely sets a new standard in quality in diorama building. It reminds me of the dioramas I would gaze at as a kid at the Milwaukee County Museum. I will most certainly build another of this style diorama in the future. Enjoy!

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