Last updated January 23, 2008

Hello everyone and welcome to my collection page. My name is Anthony and I've been collecting Star Wars figures since 1997, around the time the original trilogy special editions came out in the theaters. I got hooked on the Kenner POTF2 figures and have collected all of the lines since, though POTF2 still remains my favorite line to collect. I started early on collecting variations which turned me into quite the completist. I picked up a few error figures in the stores here and there which led to my obsession with error figure collecting. A couple years ago I started getting into collecting prototypes and am always looking for new ones that I don't have (especially the Commtech version 2 stuff and any pre-production tc-14 items) so if you have anything that you think I'd be interested in feel free to drop me a line. I also collect bootlegs and Star Wars Kubricks. As you can see I really don't focus on any one figure or section of the Star Wars lines. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection and thanks for looking!

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