Sandtroopers.com is a Star Wars Toys Collectors' website that stands unique as the pro-fan, anti-scalper unifier in the collecting community. Focusing on new action figure releases as they hit markets across the nation and worldwide, and delivering original entertainment in our articles, Sandtroopers is the collector's most valuable tool in getting the toys and fighting the scalpers. Begin today by visiting www.sandtroopers.com, submit a store report, offer new figures for cost plus shipping, or trade with the Sandtroopers army of trusted traders through our trade forum. If you don't get anything out of Sandtroopers.com, then you are not using Sandtroopers.com!

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Sandtroopers.com was started over four years ago by two average guys whose main purpose was to unify collectors in an attempt of fill holes in their collections. United We Find is our motto, and we honestly try to work with one another to help each other get the pieces of their collection that they most desire. Cost-plus shipping is the standard in which we help each other out. One figure for another, being fair and honest is a way of life for us. Our mission is to endlessly help out every Trooper who has a need. The site has since grown and we also use online e-tailers to assist us in this fight. I f you can’t find it at your local retail store, we would highly encourage each and every one of you to utilize our website as a tool to help your collections grow. Whether it is another Trooper, our community Forum, or one of our many online retailers you will find Sandtroopers.com gets you the Toys you’re looking for! Begin Today.

We will march our forces
We will not stagger our formation
We are bringing unity to the Star Wars Collecting Nation
We will not give up the fight, we will teach others our way
We will help our collecting brother night and day
They will move back in fear, with our growing number
Why did we not fall to them, the question they will wonder
From Southern Cal, Central Texas, Chicago and D.C.
The Sandtroopers will Stand Proud and strong with thee
We will defend our hobby with honor, help out endlessly
We will sink our brown-tipped boots into grinning Scalpers teeth
From the swamps of Florida, fields of Idaho, and the cross roads of Indy
Sandtroopers.com and this United We Find Forum is where you want to be
We will never surrender, Stand Proud YOU are a SANDTROOPER!

You will notice from time to time that we, the Staff of Sandtroopers.com, use words or phrases that you might not understand. The purpose of this page is to help you learn some of the terminology that is used throughout our site and forums. If you have any questions, or feel the need to add another word or phrase to this page, feel free to send an email to dustrhoATsandtroopers.com. Thank you.

Dewback Patrol
This is a section on our front page that shows our readers all the events we have covered throughout the years. You want to see pictures from Wizard World? This is the place to go and find them.

This is a yearly contest to celebrate our birthday.

This is an acronym for Sandtroopers . Com Auxilary, Long-Range Patrol. While we understand that some of you are new to the crew, we will do our best in here to keep up with Sandtrooper terminology. S.C.A.L.P. Troopers are the most feared among the scalper. The dirty armor, necklaces made of scalper teeth and the distinctive brown toe on the boots will make them easy to spot! We look forward to installing a S.C.A.L.P. rewards program that will honor Troops for outstanding service in the S.C.A.L.P. Army! Click here to learn more about S.C.A.L.P. in the forums.

Any person who makes life difficult to the average collector. Many people perceive stores like Brians Toys or Cloud City Collectibles to be among this group. However, these are classified as a business. They have inventory, employees, overhead and any expenses just like any average business has. A Scalper can be defined as a bandit with a shopping cart. A person who practically lives in the parking lot of retail chain stores to go in a buy up new product to place it on eBay. A Scalper will sometimes use smoke and mirrors and say they are a collector. They believe it is our job to pay for their collection and enjoy preying on collectors who really want the new product first. These scoundrels are the sworn enemy of Sandtroopers.com.