On 29 June, I (vaughn) went to NYC to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the traveling Smithsonian show entitled Star Wars: The Magic of the Myth.  The show was great.  Lots of props, costumes, and concept art were on display.  Unfortunately, the lighting and the presentation were very poor for photography.  In spite of that, I was able to get nearly 90 images...  In addition, Trooper Adam Simms has filled in some gaps in my coverage (thanks Adam!).  Check out the pictures below.  (As always, click on the picture for a larger view)

After you enter the exhibit, three posters from the original trilogy (special edition) with "posters" explaining the purpose of the exhibit.  It was a traveling Smithsonian show etc etc. 

exhibit introduction  Sign at the entrance

In the first space, scenes from the movie were being shown on a large screen.  Concept art lined the walls and a number of the main characters costumes from ANH were on display.  They also had a number of HDTV plasma screens showing "pivotal" scenes from the movies with commentary.  Among them was the opening sequence of ANH, one of the most powerful scenes in film.

 HDTV presentation of the widescreen opening 

 Concept Art

One of my favorite pices of concept art is the picture of young Luke Starkiller with his landspeeder overlooking a spaceport on Tatooine.

Luke Starkiller on Tatooine

Below, concept art of a jawa camp by Ralph McQuarrie.  Ralph McQuarrie did much of the concept art for the original trilogy.  Also on display were some pictures by Joe Johnson, who also did concepts for the OT.

Jawa Camp

One of the most important scenes in the entire OT is the bespin duel, which has received some great attention from Hasbro this year.  Below are three pictures by McQuarrie of the bespin scenes...  the basis for the figures released recently in the saga line.

Bespin Duel  Bespin Duel Hanging Luke 

Below is one of the first concepts for the infamous bounty hunters...on Bespin.  

Bounty Hunters

Below is concept artwork for ROTJ.  On the left is a concept of Mon Mothma and the rebel base.  The second picture shows the second death star orbiting Endor's forest moon and two pictures of the imperial city (later Coruscant).   The third picture shows a concept of the rebel fleet (Mon Calamari Cruiser), the b-wing fighter/bomber, and the attack on the reactor of the 2nd Death Star.  Finally, the last picture shows the battle between the AT-ST and the furry pests.

 Mon Mothma and Rebel Base   DS2 and Imperial City Concepts  Concepts of new ships  Endor Battle Concept   

Another pivotal scene in the trilogy is the final Jedi duel, immortalized by the cinema scene as well as the flashback emperor and "Emperor's Wrath" Vader (where's our new Jedi Luke).  

  Final Battle Concept  Final Battle Concept 

Finally, some new items were shown at the NYC exhibit.  AOTC concept artwork and digital matte paintings were shown.  The republic gunship, the battle of geonosis, the hangar duel, and the kamino platform were among the paintings shown.

Republic Gunships Battle of Geonosis 

Hangar Duel Kamino Platform  Kamino


  Also on display were a number of original props from the movies.  Shown below are Darth Vader's helmet from ROTJ, Jabba and "throne", hoth gear including binoculars and scanner, and the assassin droid from AOTC.                       

  Vaders Helmet Jabba's Throne Room Hoth Accessories AOTC Assassin Droid

ROTJ Saber  Luke's Saber

Among the displays, were larger scenes featuring the Emperors throne room, Admiral Akbar and Home 1, and the Emperor's Royal Guard and Imperial Shuttle.  

 Emperors Throne Room  Adm Akbar with Home 1   Emperors royal guard


A number of original concept sketches were on display as well as a few storyboards from the OT.  Darth Vader, Yoda, Dewback, Ishi Tib, ROTJ Death Star 2 Assault and AT-AT are shown below.

Early Sketches of Vader Early Sketches of Yoda Dewbacks  Ishi Tib DS2 Story boards

In addition to the sketches above, a few pieces showed early concepts of the storm trooper.  Also, concept artwork of Darth Vaders CASTLE were shown.  We never saw this in the movie, but it was cut from the original script.  Also shown are early pictures of Darth Vader, Luke and Ben, and the AT-AT.

Early Sketches of Vader's Castle Darth Vader Early Sketch of Luke Skywalker and Ben kenobi

 AT-AT Stormtrooper Stormtrooper's Evolution Early Sketch of Stormtrooper  

 Finally, a number of sketches from AOTC were on display: Chancellor Palpatine's desk from his office on Coruscant, the Jedi Starfighter, Jango Fett, Chancellor Palpatine, and Clonetrooper.

 Concept sketch of Palpatine's Desk  Sketch of Jedi Starfighter Jango Fett's Evolution Sketch of Chancellor Palpatine's Costume Clonetroopers


Throughout the exhibit were a number of large posters explaining the various themes and inspirations for scenes in the movie.  I may have missed a few, but most of them are shown.  Ive tried to present them so that you can read the text (long load times)

The Sacred Grove The Shadow Rises The Hero Returns The Enchanted Forest The Heart of Darkness The Path to Atonement   The Hero's Deeds               

Production Models

Before the days of CGI, talented model builders built together detailed scale models from scratch for filming.  A large number of these models were shown.  In one of the first rooms there was a huge model of the star destroyer (wow).  Also shown were the TIE Figther, TIE bomber, TIE Interceptor, Darth Vader's TIE Advanced for the Imperial Navy.  For the Rebels, a huge X-Wing, a y-wing, b-wing (not shown), and snowspeeder were on display.  Other notables included a large Millennium Falcon, a probe droid, a full-size speeder bike, and the Tantive IV Escape Pod.

Star Destroyer Star Destroyer Bridge of the Star Destroyer 

TIE Fighter Tie Bomber Speederbike

  TIE Interceptor Darth Vader's TIE Fighter 

  Probe Droid      ATAT  

Snowspeeder  Y-Wing Fighter  X-Wing Fighter  

Millennium Falcon Tatooine Skiff

Tantive IV Escape Pod


Many of the original costumes from the movies were on display.  After seeing the "homemade" costumes at Celebration II, its amazing what fans can do!  It was cool to see the original costumes.  Numerous costumes were on display from each of the five movies.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Princess Leia Obi Wan Kenobi Darth Vader Stormtrooper C-3PO R2-D2 Tusken Raider Jawa Han Solo Chewbacca  Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) TIE Pilot Imperial Officer with mouse droid

The Empire Strikes Back

Yoda Snow Trooper Lando Calrissian Boba Fett  Wampa       

Return of the Jedi

Endor Rebel Soldier Wickett Emperor Palpatine Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Leia as Boushh Lando as Skiff Guard and Klaatu? Weequay and Slave Leia Salicious Crumb

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Darth Maul

Episode II: Attack of the Cones

Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala  

Finally, after rushing through the display, thoroughly documenting the experience, I was arrested for not having a press pass (or my Sandtroopers Paldron).  Actually, the last room was "kids space" with a guest book and helmets and masks for you to try on, so naturally, I tried on the stormtrooper helmet.  I really enjoyed the exhibit and Id definitely go see it again!  Hopefully, if you missed it, our coverage has whet your appetite for when (or if) it comes back to the states....as of right now its headed off to "the land down-under!"

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