™ Infiltrates - The 2004 Kane County Toy Show: Sun 6/26, St. Charles, Illinois
Saga, Saga and more Saga! Vintage and prototypes to be could be found! Live-Size wallet killers!
Just for you Keri! Convention and Foreign Exclusives! Open but worth having?
Pretty slick looking custom work! Is he getting bent over? Crack kills! How deep is YOUR love? Staff members  Commander Chris Spice and S.C.A.L.P. weapons supplier dustrho spearheaded a recon mission to the Kane County Toy Show in St. Charles, Illinois. The bi-annual show is held at the Kane County fairgrounds and hosts several vendors from all around the country. Star Wars toys galore. Much like E-bay, Star Wars is the most popular action figure and most dealers had Star Wars in their stock. There were awesome customs, a variety of vintage goods were on hand as well. While this show does not pack the punch that the spring event does, you could still find a ton of things to part with your money on. There was again a strong presence of the 501st Midwestern Garrison on hand. There was also an Alien bust that was simply to die for! Never overlook events in your area Troops, you never know what you could turn up with your surveillance. Send in your finds to We will be looking forward to hearing what you could turn up. United We Find.