™ Infiltrates - The 2004 Kane County Toy Show: Sun 4/25, St. Charles, Illinois
Undercover Brothers - members of the armored 501st Midwest Garrison Worth 1200 dollars? Sounds like a job for Mr. Frakes!
Pledge Your Alegiance with a Cobra Sigil stuck anywhere you want, even over a rare Palitoy Death Star!
Old school video games making a comeback? If so can I get that Sooper Size?
Sandtroopers Jason Meyers, Chris Rhoads, and Chris Spice (left to right) Staff members General Jason Meyers and Commander Chris Spice spearheaded a mission to the Kane County Toy Show in St. Charles, Illinois. The bi-annual show is held at the Kane County fairgrounds and hosts several vendors from all around the country. Star Wars toys galore. Much like E-bay, Star Wars is the most popular action figure and most dealers had Star Wars in their stock. Some of the items pictured are vintage masks being looked over by local members of the Midwest Garrison. Attakus Limited Edition Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, for those willing to part with serious cash and lug it to the car! The Cardboard Palitoy Death Star, Cantina and Cloud City Playsets were all spotted. Vintage and modern era figures galore, even a McCalls Star Wars pattern set for those of you that are handy with a needle and thread. Custom 12-inch figures made to look like 3 3/4 inch figures! Overall the Kane County Toy Show offered any Star Wars fan more than their wallet could handle. Small shows often can produce a big bang, and the things you would never imagine could be there, are! United We Find Troops, saddle up the Dewbacks and move along! Let us know about your convention experiences as well at