™ Infiltrates - ILM™:  Displays at the Museum of Science and Industry 
$&*^ kid wouldn't get outta the way!  would like to give the Troops 21 reasons to hit the Windy City and visit Action: An Adventure in Moviemaking. Hot off a tip from the Official Site, Cmd. Darth Spice made his way to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the exhibit. Much to my delight there was enough Star Wars to keep any fan drooling buckets. I still couldn't figure out how I was going to haul that Arc of the Covenant out of there without anyone noticing. The Models of the Star Destroyer, Sebulba's head,  a full-size Speeder Bike, a Coruscant Skyscraper as well as a Crashed AT-AT. Any true Empire fan would be asked to 'move along' as I was by the Event Staff. I am a huge Indiana Jones fan as well and again was just floored with the Arc, Holy Grail movie props. I was equally impressed with the Fedora, Whip and brown leather jacket, worn by Harrison Ford. Funny he always said "It belongs in a Museum."  To sum it up I would highly recommend if in the area, and I apologize for the some of the ill photography, these were extremely difficult conditions to shoot. I wouldn't want it too look too good, because then you probably wouldn't go. Only 21 reasons shown here, but I assure you there was much, much more that may be added at a later date. Enjoy the show.