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st Mos Eisley News Brief: S.D.C.C. & Celebration Exclusives!

Today at 09:38:05 AM by Darth Spice
The team at Hasbro have unveiled two new "high-end" exclusives for Celebration London and San Diego Comic-Con.  The first will be available in July as Kylo Ren will be made available July 15-17th at the Forbidden Planet booth.  Obi-Wan Kenobi will be at the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic-Con International for the price of $44.99.  Click below for the entire story at and thanks to Mike Benson for sounding the alarm!

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Comic-Con Jakks Pacific Exclusive!

Today at 09:21:45 AM by Darth Spice
For those Troopers who collect the 18-inch Big Figs line, you will be delighted with the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive! "The Rebel Alliance and Resistance's most loyal protocol droid has a new look - and you may not recognize him.  But not to worry, with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premium Edition Vac-Metal C-3PO 18-Inch Big Figs Action Figure - Convention Exclusive, this loyal companion will become a familiar friend. Fresh from the Battle of Takodana, C-3PO sports his recognizable shiny gold finish, along with a red arm he wears to remember the fallen First Order RA-7 protocol droid named Omri. Measuring 18-inches tall, this is the first Threepio action figure at this scale with his metallic finish."

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st Dewback Patrol: Twin Suns Expo Photo Gallery!

June 27, 2016, 11:19:11 AM by Darth Spice
We have completed our tour of duty at the first-ever Twin Suns Expo.  The team successfully converted the Key Lime Cove resort and waterpark into a dazzling, family-friendly galaxy from far, far away.  Tom Kane and Tim Rose had the autograph room packed from start to finish.  Their dealer room was supplied with a wide variety of Star Wars toys and collectibles that could fill holes in any collection.  Click below for the photos and thanks again to Eric, Savannah, Tim, Connie and the entire Twin Suns Outpost staff for a wonderful afternoon!

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st Update from B.B.T.S.: New Hot Toys, Iron Studios & More!

June 27, 2016, 10:12:09 AM by Darth Spice

Hot Toys: The highly-accurate Han Solo collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and features a newly developed head sculpt and hands, a specially tailored outfit and winter gear, all-new blaster pistol, and a specially designed figure stand. The highly-accurate Chewbacca collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of the Wookiee warrior in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and features a new face sculpt with articulated jaw, newly developed multiple layers of fabric hair with various shades of brown throughout the whole body capturing Chewbacca's unique appearance, all-new bowcaster and bandolier bag, and a specially designed figure stand. This set is now available for pre-order!

S.H. Figuarts:  Join the battle with Bandai Japan's release of a Scout Trooper on a speeder bike from their S.H. Figuarts Star Wars line! This set includes the Scout Trooper, speeder bike, three replacement wrists for each hand, a blaster, and a stand.

Iron Studios:  From Iron Studios comes their Star Wars 1/10 Scale Art Statues of Han Solo's Stormtrooper disguise, Kylo Ren, Rey, Qui-Gin Jinn, and Luke Skywalker as an X-Wing pilot. Each polystone statue is heavily detailed and comes with their own stands.

Star Wars Laptop Backpacks:  Bioworld Merchandising brings two new laptop backpacks from Star Wars: Boba Fett and a Rebel Squadron Pilot-themed. These stylish backpacks have multiple storage spaces, including padded laptop compartments.

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Rogue One Images Surface!

June 23, 2016, 10:46:14 AM by Darth Spice has unloaded a ton of new information from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  The return of Darth Vader, the first look at Forest Whitaker's character and so much more.  Click below for all of the blockbuster stories, United We Find!

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Carrie Fisher coming to Chicago!

June 22, 2016, 11:14:56 AM by Darth Spice
It appears the team at Wizard World has had an awakening and added Carrie Fisher to their autograph guest list for Chicago Comic-Con!  We can hope this is the first step in making Star Wars a large part of the programming once again.  Click below for tickets and hotel information.

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: On with the Show!

June 21, 2016, 08:19:46 AM by Darth Spice
"Join RFR in Orlando for an amazing show recorded live at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort. And this time the whole crew is in town, even Swank! We talk about our 3rd annual Disney listener meet-up with David Collins and Steve Glosson, review the Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Tours, and share tons of laughs with our live audience. Plus, we analyze the latest news about the never-ending struggle to build the Lucas Museum in Chicago, Luke's lightsaber, and the challenge Darth Vader faces when using the bathroom. We have updates on John Williams, Harrison Ford's beard, and you don't want to miss RFR's live performance of "Jabba Flow"! Maz's Palace will never be the same again!"

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st Update from Brian's Toys: Gentle Giant & Graded Vintage!

June 20, 2016, 08:54:07 AM by Darth Spice
Check out an extremely rare AFA graded Canadian Wind-Up R2-D2 action figure! Shop new Pre-Orders from Gentle Giant & Acme Archives. New AFA graded 12 Back, 20 Back, & ESB listings. Visit our newsletter to bid on NO RESERVE eBay auctions.  Check out the best selection of Star Wars collectibles at our website today.

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st The Force Awakens Ackbar wave hitting Walmart

June 14, 2016, 07:55:16 PM by dj121
Keep checking your local Walmart stores. The Ackbar wave was stocked at my local store in Southern Maine today. This is the second restock for this store in less than a week. Is this a good sign for distribution, or will this be a poor situation as most of the figures repacked in these waves have already been hanging on pegs for weeks?

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st Dewback Preview: Elstree 1976

June 14, 2016, 10:39:08 AM by Darth Spice
For those of you who have not yet heard of the film Elstree 1976, click below to see some familiar faces! "In anticipation of the release for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", a new documentary is releasing the actors and extras reminiscing about their time on the set of Star Wars and how making the original film affected their lives."

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Help Kickstart the Real Fans!

June 14, 2016, 09:56:21 AM by Darth Spice
Our good friend Cris Macht has launched a Star Wars reality TV show, click below for the short clip from "Real Fans of the Saga".  The project is in danger of not meeting the goal, so please donate regardless of dollar amount. United We Find!

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st Dewback Patrol: Smallville Comic-con 2016

June 14, 2016, 09:44:42 AM by Darth Spice
Our good friend Han Cholo (a.k.a. Bloodant) attended the Smallville Comic-Con this past weekend in Hutchinson, KS.  The heavily themed super hero event drew quite a crowd, click below for the entire photo gallery from that old pirate!

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: A Look ahead with EA Star Wars!

June 13, 2016, 11:43:15 AM by Darth Spice
"Take a look at what's going on with some of the amazing Star Wars projects our teams at EA are working on now, including DICE, BioWare, Motive, Visceral Games, Capital Games and our partners at Respawn Entertainment. These experiences will explore different Star Wars eras in different gaming genres on different platforms."

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st Dewback Preview: Twin Suns Expo on the Horizon!

June 13, 2016, 10:57:18 AM by Darth Spice
We are less than 2 weeks away! These 4x6 cards will be provided to everyone to get their free autographs. Troopers are also welcome to bring their own items.  Make sure to visit the Battle Station to see Star Wars Holograms from Zebra Imaging and Space Walls via GTP Toys!

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st Father's Day Sale from Zebra Imaging!

June 13, 2016, 10:48:58 AM by Darth Spice
Our galaxy is celebrating Father's Day June 19th. Don't make your dad choose between the ‪lightside and ‪darkside! Treat him to a Father-Son duo he will never forget. Buy Han Solo and get Kylo Ren FREE!‪ Click below for more details on this great offer!

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